About me

My name is Przemysław Zalewski. I am a Full Stack Web Developer from Wroclaw, Poland.

Most of the time I am doing web development with JavaScript, however not so long ago I have been developing Windows apps using C#. I have transitioned myself for the web stack in order to spread my apps and services for a much bigger audience and not wall myself in Microsoft’s garden. Was that a good move? I am asking myself that question every day.

Here, on the blog, I mostly write about React.js, node.js, and other hot web technologies and present how to incorporate interesting solutions in your projects. As the web stack is not so well designed and is full of quirks and workarounds I’ve got many topics to explore and write about. Stay tuned!

Contact me

Contact me

Please mail me directly at [email protected] or [email protected].

Source code available on GitHub. Background images from unsplash.com.