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Topics include JavaScript, React, functional programming and app development.

If you have ever wondered, the guy on the left it’s me and the dog on the right is Ares 🐶

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Creating a contact form is a very common requested feature, almost every site has one. Creating the HTML form is easy, however there must be some back-end code to transfer those messages. I will show you how to create simple form and wire that up to send contact form submission to your Gmail account.

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Data as code modules

Draft · 2 min read

What would happen if you begin treating data and other assets like you threat the code? It would allow you to consume the data and without the mess of parsing, fetching and other annoyances. You would be able to use common programming features to filter and create new views. Data and code deserve equal treatment!

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When it comes to debug a JavaScript code the first thing is to cry in despair because of the lack of proper tools. It is kind of trade-off between wild dynamic programming vs more static and type safe code. Let’s explore what we can do about it and bravely fight nasty bugs!

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Objects in JavaScript are commonly used as dictionary data structure and by that there is strong need to process them in the functional way. However, there are no easy way to map, filter and reduce them like arrays. Therefore many great libraries come with many helper functions, but most of them lack common interface with ease of processing arrays.

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